Monday, September 9, 2013

Fab Five

One of my goals is to get more regular with this blogging business... We have been a little busy with moving/setting up/unpacking/organizing/painting/etc but it has been so much fun! I have decided to condense the mass of information you desire into five updates/highlights/favorites for you to enjoy

1. Work

As many of you know, God provided me with a job at a NY hospital two days before our wedding. The credentialing process is arduous and it appears that it may not be complete until mid october (but pray that a miracle happens tuesday!!) I am a bit of a workaholic by nature and God has been teaching me a ton about myself and what I get identity from through these uncomfortable waiting seasons. May He be glorified as I wait. 

2. Desiring God

This is a great book by John Piper that takes forever to read if you really want to process it, but it's really good!! My prayer is that I will learn to delight in the Lord and allow him to be enough, especially in this holding time. 

3. Television Debut

Daniel and I were on TV twice in one day next week!! Teacher's College had their 125th anniversary celebration last week and stormed the today show garnering our first TV appearance. Later that day we were chosen for main level seating for America's Got Talent and were apparently on quite a few times :) If the job doesn't work out perhaps I can become a TV personality!

4. New Diet - gluten and dairy free

For years I have struggled with tummy issues (mainly reflux) and have tried everything. About a month and a half ago, with the insistence of a good friend, I decided to try a drastic diet change. Let's preface this by saying that sarah is a chronic carbaholic. For years I would eat bland carbs as a way to unsuccessfully combat the reflux. Well, sadly for me, the diet is working :) haha. (I am thankful that I feel better when I don't cheat though) Thus begins the new adventure of finding things that both D and I can enjoy.  

5. my crock pot! 

I'm being totally pinterest nerdy and trying the whole freezer-crokpot meal planning thing. So far so successful! Crock pots are a gift from God!! 


  1. My mom is going gluten-free too- she writes a blog occasionally: laurierambokitchen.blogspot

  2. hey! check this's so good and super easy. she's got a ton of great stuff if you haven't run across her blog yet